Colouring time = Me-time

The past couple of weeks have been even busier than I had anticipated, and other than a few sketches I did not get any drawings done.

That’s changed now, and I’m working on a new project. 🙂

Well, it’s not so new, as I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but I hadn’t managed to put it into context until yesterday, and therefore I didn’t quite know where to start or on what to focus.

What happened yesterday was that I got my first assignment for a two-week challenge called Mini Digital Product Mastermind Group on facebook – from product idea to launch in two weeks. (Last year I had participated in the Small Product Lab organised by Gumroad, and this challenge is a sort of follow-up organised by previous participants; it was a truly amazing experience!)

This first assignment was to describe and find the so-called Ideal Customer and to identify one to three problems this customer has. As you can imagine, describing an Ideal Customer for colouring pages is not really possible, you come from so many different backgrounds and enjoy colouring for many different reasons.

But there was something that probably most of you have in common: Colouring for relaxation.

This is mostly because colouring gives you a time-out, a mini-break, me-time. It’s a time period where you can switch off and recharge your energies.

So that’s what my next project is specifically designed for. As a sneak preview I’ll also give you the description I posted for the first assignment:

For people with demanding jobs/businesses or multiple duties, like working Mums or Dads, that is people who are so busy, rushing around and stressed during their daily activities that they forget (or think they haven’t got the time) to
– smile
– take care of themselves first
– take regular mini time-outs for a reboot and for recharging their energies.
Also includes people who are surrounded by negativity, stressed co-workers or clients/customers/patients.

How about you? Are there times when you get caught up in your daily life that you forget to take regular me-time? Are you perhaps so involved that you need to “go to the bathroom” as an excuse for a time-out?

Or, if you do take mini-breaks, how long are they and what do you do? How well can you switch off, how refreshed do you feel afterwards?

And of course: What does colouring do for you?

I’d really love to know!

Maria ♥

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