“FREE” Greek Key colouring page

How do you feel about Freedom and Independence? For me it’s certainly a topic for a colouring contest that catches my attention. 🙂

A couple of weeks ago I received an invitation for a digital colouring contest on Facebook (The Best Indie Coloring Books facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/BestAdultColoringBooks/). Here an excerpt from the description:

“The theme of July is Independance or Freedom. So going along that theme you are free to enter any newly colored picture, howevere there is a twist, it must be colored in the colors on your state flag. White and black will be free colors.”

This flag flies for Freedom and Sovereignty

Well, Greece has become my home of many years, so I knew I was going to use the Greek flag, last but not least because after centuries of various occupations the Greeks are not giving up on Freedom and Sovereignty, and that’s what this flag flies for. 🙂

the Greek flag
the Greek flag

The flag is blue on white, leaving me with blue as the only colour if I don’t count black and white.

I don’t mind a monochrome challenge in a lovely blue 😉 but unless I just drew and coloured in the flag itself I didn’t have any colouring page that promoted the feeling of Freedom. So I designed one: with Greek Key patterns which symbolise infinite Flow. 🙂

Now that I’ve got the design, I probably won’t have the time to colour it in the next couple of days, but maybe you do? And even if we aren’t in time for the contest, Freedom and Independence are timeless subjects. 🙂

"FREE" Greek Key colouring page
“FREE” Greek Key colouring page

Click the above image or this link to download “FREE” (that’s the title of this colouring page) via Payhip – for free of course!

Spread Freedom!

greek key design
You may not share the file or the uncoloured image, but please DO share this post! You can also share to Facebook and Twitter right from the Payhip download page.

Thank you…and sunny greetings from Greece! 🙂


Image sources (all via pixabay):

  • Greek flag by PieM
  • Greek Key patterns by OpenClipart-Vectors

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