How to mix Puce and Peach with coloured pencils

If you think that Puce and Peach are not the most enticing of colours I totally agree with you. πŸ˜€

So why am I posting about them? Because they gave me the idea to start a new series of “How to mix…with coloured pencils”. You can see this as a sort of introduction.

A challenging colour combination

About a week ago, Kim A. Floding of Kelekilove mentioned on Facebook that the first colours she could do without (or something along those lines) were Puce, Peach, Grey and White.

Quite a challenging combination indeed…and so I improvised a Colour Palette Challenge. I looked the colours up by name and created swatches with the Colourpicker Color Chart. As a fifth colour (the empty frame) I suggested an additional colour of choice.

Swatches for the Puce and Peach Colour Palette Challenge

The Puce in this swatch looks to me like Antique Rose, but colour names and the appearance of colours are worth a separate article anyway, so I’m not going into details here.

Puce, Peach and Grey MandalaHere is a design from my Mandala Colouring Cards 1. I skipped the 5th colour option because I wanted to see whether the contrast to the grey would be enough to make Puce and Peach look more colourful.

It certainly looks much brighter on screen than it does on paper. πŸ™‚

What is Puce colour?

Wikipedia describes Puce as

…a dark red or purple brown color,[2] a brownish purple[3] or a “dark reddish brown.”[4]

“Puce” is the French word for “flea”, but since our vet showed me how to check our dogs for fleas, I know that Puce is much more like the colour of flea poo on a damp paper towel…

How to mix Puce and Peach colour

For the mixes in this new series I’ll use standard sets of 12 coloured pencils only, to show you that even with few coloured pencils you can get many different colours onto the paper.

Mixing Puce and Peach with coloured pencilsPuce: Going by the description above, the simplest way would be to layer brown and purple. But as my standard set doesn’t include purple, I tested Red + Blue + Brown, see the image. Different reds, blues and browns give slightly different results, but the overall effect is…Puce.

Peach: Orange + Red, applying the colours with very little pressure. The effect is so pale that my scanner didn’t pick up on it correctly, but I hope you’ll see what it’s meant to be.

This second design is one of my (as yet unpublished) abstract greyscale doodles, but this time I also included a fifth colour – the same Blue as for mixing. Because it’s the complementary colour to orange/brown, the design came alive as soon as I had added it to a small part. I used the Grey (black pencil with little pressure) only for finetuning and adding more shading. For White I let the paper shine through, that is without added highlights.

For a start…?

Now that you’ve got an idea of where I’m going with this new series about mixing colours with coloured pencils, what do you think?

Do you find it helpful? What would you like to see? Or do you have any specific questions or suggestions?

I’d love to hear from you!

Maria β™₯

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