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What are Sketchies?

Sketchies are small postcard size stream-of-consciousness sketches that I make in order to widen my comfort zone by shutting down my inner critic. They’re very much like freewriting exercises – mindfully-mindless experiments without limiting myself to a certain topic, technique or style.

They are whatever they want to be: Perfectly imperfect quick doodles with a ballpoint pen, or with elaborate shading, or occasionally watercolour, collage or mixed media. The only thing they have in common is their size: 4″ x 5.5″ (about 10cm x 14cm).

Some of them reappear at some point as colouring pages, as a whole or certain aspects of them. But most of them just disappear into a box.

Now I’ve decided to take a step out of my comfort zone, open that box and share some of its content with you – warts, spots, shaky lines and all 😉 – to encourage you to expand your comfort zone, too, by trying something new.

The ones I share with you are suitable for colouring in and many other creative techniques, either as line drawings or formatted for greyscale colouring, and sometimes a mix of both.

The Sketchies are in JPG format, suitable for printing and digital colouring. When printed at 100% and 300dpi resolution they are original size. Like with photos, you can adjust the brightness of the greyscale ones according to your taste, which would not be easy to do if they were PDF format.

[Coming: Gallery with wonderful examples by lovely colourists 🙂 ]

What you can do with Sketchies

Liberate your Creative Self

First of all, I hope that my Sketchies encourage you to explore new ways for expressing yourself, with experiments that you might not “dare to do” with a full-fledged colouring page. As they are small, you don’t invest a lot of time, and why not print out the same Sketchie a few times, and try different appoaches, material or techniques? Colouring, tangles, embroidery, paper collage, card making, scrapbooking…there’s nothing that can go wrong. 🙂

Greeting cards

The standard postcard size means you can cut them out after colouring and paste them on plain standard greeting cards, or print them right away on card stock (test first to see whether your card stock is compatible with your pencils or markers). The Sketchies have a grey hairline border around them. When you cut just inside that, cutting it off, you get the postcard size.

Frame them

Frame them individually in standard 5″ x 7″ picture frames, or 8″ x 10″ with a mat. Or frame several together. Makes great gifts for all occasions! 🙂

Draw a frame

To make the Sketchies larger, draw, doodle, paste or colour a small complementary frame around them.

Colouring on the go

Cut out a few and keep them in an envelope to take with you when commuting, or when you know that you’ve got waiting times ahead of you. When you paste the front of the envelope (where the address would go) onto sturdy card board like the back of a notebook or sketchpad, you’ve got a nice and smooth support for colouring and don’t necessarily need a table. – I prefer to print them on index type card stock or watercolour paper because that makes them a bit easier to handle than plain paper.

How you get the Sketchies

By subscription

Every month on the 1st, 11th, and 21st, I publish a set of two Sketchies. A set is available only for 10 days, that is until the next set comes out. I will not send out back issues, but I might republish as anthologies or collections some months later. (Note: As setting things up took a lot longer than I thought, this first set of Sketchies will be available until 16th June 2017.)

Personally, I don’t like “infinite by default” subscriptions which have to be cancelled, so instead I’m offering three options:

Monthly Sketchies Set #1Monthly = 3 sets with 2 Sketchies each = 6 in total
You pay for and get the current set of Sketchies via payhip. When the next two sets come out, I send you emails with the download link and a coupon code that makes them “free” for you.

A month after you signed up, I’ll send you a renewal email with a link asking you whether you want to start another month.

Quarterly Sketchies Sets #1 plus Loose Leaves bonus collectionQuarterly = 3 x 3 sets with 2 Sketchies each, plus a collection of 6 as a bonus = 24 in total
You pay for 3 months, starting with the current Sketchies. The procedure is the same as above, but you won’t receive a renewal email until 3 months after you signed up.

As a Thank You for your ongoing support, you’ll also receive a Collection with 6 Sketchies right when you sign up – no extra download.

Sketchies Loose Leaves collectionCollections

Occasionally I’ll publish Collections of Sketchies which are available any time. The first one is Loose Leaves, which is also the bonus collection you get when you sign up for 3 months.

Sketchies free downloadable colouring page #1Freebies

Every month I’ll publish a free Sketchy here on this website and in my Facebook Group Friends of the World of Magnifica.

Click this image to download a free tasting now.

What do the Sketchies do for you?

Whether it’s here in the comments or on the World of Magnifica Facebook page, I’d love to hear about your experience with my Sketchies! What do they do for you? Which styles or motifs do you like best or least? Is there a Sketchie that you’d like to see as a full size colouring page?


PS: I’m working on setting up two newsletters, one with a weekly and one with a monthly digest, but they’re not ready yet. So if you want to stay up-to-date, subscribing to this blog (see the footer) or following the World of Magnifica Facebook page are the best options at the moment.

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