SUMMER VACATION @ World of Magnifica

The past six eventful weeks, lots of behind-the-scenes work on my website with many 10-and-more-hour days, and having cheated myself out of my regular time-out weeks in May and end of June are showing their effect.

Loving what I do is very energising, but it also means that I “keep going, keep going”…”and just this now and then I’ll stop”…”oh, and as I’m already at this point I could just as well”…

NO. I definitely need a break – a real break – long enough for sorting, culling, decluttering and actually switching off (instead of playing catch-up with anything I didn’t get round to, duh).

But can I do that? Or rather: Dare I?

The internet has great possibilities, like connecting with people from all over the world without even leaving the house. But it also sets great demands and expectations: All-round availability and – more or less – immediate response.

With a website, customers and a facebook group I find it difficult to say “bye, see you in a month” – who’ll still be there when I return?

20 years back, most shop or pub owners I know didn’t have a vacation, often for many years, because they worried about their customers finding better places to go. However, those who DID close their doors for 3 weeks in summer found that nothing “bad” happened: The regulars were happy to have them back, and the few customers who did not come back might not have come back anyway.

Also, summer is vacation time = time for slowing down for so many people, they might not even notice that I’m “away”, too. 😉

So I am going to show my FOMO (the Fear Of Missing Out) my stinky finger, and take that BREAK NOW ( = in a couple of days) starting on Wednesday 12th July until 13th August, because with all that I’ve already set up in the background, I’ll be ROLLING when I get back. 😀

I can’t switch off everything for the whole time because of a few commitments I’ve made, but I’ll cut down on everything else.

So on MONDAYS and THURSDAYS I’ll check
– my email
– Facebook (the World of Magnifica page, the CTTC (The Colouring, Textiles & Tangles Connection), Get Coloring Get Happy, and private fb messages)
– and this website

Sorting through hundreds of notifications every time I go on facebook defies the objective. If something is really so important that I must see it within a few days, please send me a private fb message or contact me via the contact forms here.

Thank you.

Wishing you a relaxing summer,


PS: When I return from my vacation, the Friends of World of Magnifica facebook group will be dissolved. Why? That’s one of the things I’ve been working on in the background for the past couple of months. 😉

Featured image by Alexas_Fotos via pixabay

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